Saturday, May 24, 2008

Smoke Scene

While attempting to come up with an idea for a final story this semester, I had in mind to so a story on Cafe 360, a hookah bar here in Louisville. Its a popular spot among youth around Bardstown road, and gets a lot of 502 patrons at night, since it stays open 24 hours.
Well, I didn't end up doing a final on that, but instead just a feature. 

Friday, May 23, 2008

The hands say it all

Our first assignment in my PJ Tech class last semester was to shoot a portrait of an individuals hands, in manner to expressing characteristics of the person. I admit I am not fully satisfied with my shot and I would to further explore this concept in a photo.

For my portrait I photographed the hand of a college freshman who had previously been in a car accident on a major highway. She broke all of her fingers in the accident, causing nerve damage, which had now allowed her to bend her fingers back to her hand. The photo illustrates this partially. 

Its all new..

Hello to all who read,
I am new at this whole blog world, and I decided to try it out in hopes of getting some of my photography out there and more noticed, as well as to keep in touch with fellow photographers and gain feedback on my work. Any is appreciated. I will be posting my photography assignments from my photojournalism technologies class at WKU shortly.
Have a gander...why not.